Thursday, July 26, 2012

Make Filets when the Sun Shines

A beautiful day at the river myself and a group of friends hit the river. I hit it with bobber and jig I got some shakers.

My brother in law got one on his last cast. He called last cast and said he was leaving and one breath later called" fish on".

My boss got one on corkie at about 8:00 pm.

The undisputed kings of the river were the "spinner" Brothers who went 3/5 with their silver plated blades.

Loser Takes All!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fish on the Move

I hate being stuck to one part of the river. Mobility when fish to me is important. If the fish don't bite maybe your drift is passing them at the wrong angle or you may be in the wrong spot altogether. Ether way moving is the key. A couple of the tools I use to limit the amount of tackle I haul down to the river are:
1.) pre tie your leaders. A good length to make them is 10' you can alway cut them shorter.

2.) fanny pack. It is easy to access and is out of the way. This is all the tackle I take from the car. I have my big tackle box in the car just in case. But with this I rarely leave water. I also have a belt clip jig pack if I am doing bobber and jig as well.

Loser Takes All!

Orange Corkies at 4500cfs

Went 1/0 while my brother in law went 2/2. I think the best bets right now are single corkie or bobber and jig the most consistent fishermen are using this when this water gets this low. The guys next to me were using prawn tipped jigs and both
walked away with limits on chinook and steelhead.

Limit was caught on single orange corkies.

Looser Takes All!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Younger Brother's Glory Day

Yes he got one. I didn't. I just lost 3. This is his first keeper steelhead.

One thing I am learning about steelhead fishing is line selection. If your leader line is too thick it will scare the fish away but if it is two thin you may loose a lot of fish due to breakage. The line I have found to be a solution to both problems is 17 lb. Suffix it is supple so it doesn't slinky when pre tied and wrapped but is strong enough to take on a good size steelhead or salmon but thin enough to be invisible exept on cloudless days. This day I was experimenting with 12 lb test line and could not extricate my fish out of the rapids with out braking. I know that there are the expert fishermen out there that use 8 lb line and land good size fish I'm not one of them. I like my line strong enough that I can put a little hurt on the fish and not fear loosing it.

Looser Takes All!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Steelhead Cowlitz

When salmon aren't biting steelhead will do. I prefer salmon but will take a steelhead just as gladly. We were going to have a Fourth of July BBQ and I was to bring the fish. So my brother in law and I went to the river and got a couple of steelhead. I got mine on bobber and jig.

He got his on corkie.

Here is a demonstration of how I filet a fish.

YouTube Video

Loser Takes All!

Monday, July 2, 2012

One more Cowlitz springer bites the dust

My brother in law caught a chinook Saturday evening. I blanked I fished the morning shift. But I am pretty sure the reason was the time of day. With salmon they move around at night so unless you have access by boat to the whole river or are using bait evening holds the best odds.

No he's not excited.

Corkies alone.

Looser Takes All!